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Drive less. Walk, bike and use public transportation more.
Buy a more efficient car.
Keep my car tire pressure up and regularly check my air filter.
Use more efficient lighting (compact fluorescent).
Heat and cool your house a little less.
Replace furnace and air conditioner filters regularly.
Insulate your home.
Buy organic foods whenever possible.
Put 5 cloth bags in your car for shopping.
Reduce the use of toxic chemicals overall by one third.

Reduce the use of plastics by one third.
Plant trees.
Use half as much hot water.
Insulate your waterheater with a highly-rated insulator.
Set your dishwasher to lower heat settings.
Replace old appliances with energy efficient ones.
Unplug electronic devices when not in use.
Line dry more of my clothes.
Recycle everything you can including toxic household waste.

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